Strong 4 By V is a fitness trainer and nutrition coach for exhausted, bored, fed up couples. Vanessa’s approach is much more then getting workouts and recipes. She has developed a successful process called The Stronger Together Approach were she unlocks the excuses and obstacles with your boo.

She creates easy to implement systems so that there’s a plan in place to overcome the obstacles. Her method takes the thinking out of preparation. You will gain confidence, energy along with strengthen your body & bond. Her method was inspired by combining 13 years of experience as an Personal Trainer, Nutritional Studies, Corporate Wellness Coach, 3 moves to different states, new jobs, new baby & 10 years of marriage.

Strongest As A Team- Customized 8 week Program

Customized Workouts and meals that fit your preferences.

Stronger Together - 8 week Program

You know what they say, Couples who workout together stay together!

This 8 week program will give you the tools you need to feel energized, get healthy, and can experience “doing life” together!

1 Week Taste

Download and implement the materials to get started with on journey.