Strong 4 on the Daily - 90 Day One-on-One Strong 4 package includes customized systems for eating, working out, positive mind shift & personal care products that fits your lifestyle so that you can live and love the best version of you.

Lifestyle Assessment, Goal Setting, Commitment Video to assess your individual needs

Work It, Work It, Work It

  • Customized workouts with exercises you like and that fit your fitness level so that you can have fun & love working out.

  • Home visit (or via FaceTime) go through movements and ensure form and safety is applied to prevent injury.

Eat Clean, Get Lean

  • Customized Pantry and Fridge revamp so that you have no guilt when reaching in the pantry.

  • How to read food labels & customized grocery lists so that the kitchen transformation is uncomplicated.

  • Customized ideas for quick, simple recipes and on the go snacks so that you can have a go to meal at all times.

Get that Mind Right

  • Shifting how you view yourself, nutrition and fitness so that you can live to your full potential.

  • Practice Positive Self-talk, mindful eating, so that you can feel liberated from negative self-chatter.

Work that Beauty-Beautycounter

  • How to read labels that you can trust the products you put on your body.

  • Tips on having a toxin free home so that you can feel worry free with the products you use.

How’s it Going?

  • Accountability so that you can feel confident you are making the best choices.