Get Stronger Together!

You know what they say…couples who work out together, stay together!

This 6-week program will give you all the tools you and your partner need, so you can feel energized, strong, and fit TOGETHER.

Getting healthy as a team will help you build a healthy relationship & strengthen your bond. 

My 4-Step System helps you to:

| Get Moving |

  • Quick Weekly Workouts: get weekly workouts each week that can be done at home, at the gym, or while traveling. Move your body with your partner, so that you have fun & start to enjoy working out! Get strong in body and feel that stronger connection in your relationship! Includes proper form and safety guidance to avoid injury.

| Get Healthy |

  • Go-To Grocery List: learn how to read food labels & get my go-to grocery list, so stocking your kitchen with healthy options is a

  • Recipes: get lots of ideas for quick, simple meals and on-the-go snacks, so that you’re no longer stressed about what to eat.

| Get Support |

  • Weekly Check-ins: pick Vanessa’s brain each week via phone sessions, to get your questions answered, the support and accountability you need, so you can feel confident in your health journey.


  • Get a DIY calendar to help plan out your weeks. You’ll be able to schedule workouts, meals, grocery shopping, meal prep and anything else to hold yourselves accountable!