7 tips to work out at home with kids around

Would you like to workout with your boo, but have the little munchkins there too?

Here are some tips from our experience to help you get a workout in at home with your boo!

Luis and I would find many excuses NOT to workout once we had Gabi: 

Listen to our past excuses:

-Child care- Not all gyms had child care & the ones that did, we didn’t feel comfortable having her there.

-Too much schedule coordinating- Going to the gym was difficult to fit into our schedules. And now that we had to take turns to go, it was even more challenging. 

-Paying for a babysitter- Paying for a babysitter to workout added up quick and hard to justify.

-Guilt- Mom guilt always set in when I’d ask a friend or family member to babysit over and over agin just for us to go workout together.

Sound familiar?

We need to fid a way to workout so we started workouting at home.

Gabi is now a toddler: Here are 7 tips I came up with that we use to get a workout in together even though we have her with us.

Tip #1

Know which workout you are going to do ahead of time (find one you like). This will eliminate time deciding what you and your partner want to do. If it takes too long to decide and then to you try to get a workout in. Kids will get restless and you’ll get frustrated and you’ll want to forget about the workout (trust me it has happened to us). If you need help with workouts I can help you with creating a plan!

Tip #2

Workout while the kid(s) or youngest kid(s) are napping or when they go to sleep.

Tip #3

Make the workouts short 30min or less. If the kid(s) are up they’ll get restless short after that.

Tip #4

Have your kid(s) join you and your partner. Include them in all or parts of the workout. Give them some love throughout the workout, a quick hug, a smooch, a little attention and they’ll be happy.

Tip #5

Don’t have expectations, just have fun! Any workout is better then no workout.

Tip #6

Make this time their “treat” time. Do they have a favorite show they love to watch, a game they like to play, a favorite snack they like to eat? Kids are all about negotiating, LOL!!

Tip # 7

If the kid(s) won’t let up, do a partner style workout. For example, I Go-You Go style, take turns with your partner on carrying out the movement. For example, if you are doing squats. You do 5 squats while your partner rests, they can entertain the kid(s), then they do 5 squats while you rest and entertain the kid(s) for a few seconds.


Will you try a workout with your boo?

Here’s a Challenge: I Challenge you to try 1 workout together with your boo! Find one like or download my FREE partner workout. You’ll get a FREE simple recipe to go a long with it WIN-WIN!

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