How to get your partner to exercise with you

When my husband and I first started working out he had no interest in working out with me.

We liked different types of workouts (we still do)

We had different goals (we still do)

We had different work schedules (we still do)

We had no time (we still don't)

So, how did we get to where we are now? It took time, it took compromise, and it took persistence. Just like with anything in a relationship.

4 things we do to make it work:

1.) I like certain movements, he likes different ones therefore, we compromise. We combine exercises and types of workouts that we both like. We also alternate or combine different styles of workouts, strength building for him, cardio focused for me.

2.) We are at different fitness levels; he’s stronger and faster than me. Therefore, we adjust our weights and progressions accordingly to target our individual goals. If we are following a specific program, we stick to our program. Yet, 1 or 2 days a week we exercise together (deviating from your program for 1 day is not going to ruin our progress).

3.) Although we have different schedules, we find a common time where we are together (weekend or weekday) and do a workout that fits our availability. Whether it’s working out at home or going to a gym we get a workout in. One day we may only have 20 minutes another 40 min, doesn’t matter, we adjust accordingly. We use this as our quality time together.

4.) We find time and make it a priority. It’s part of our day and now has become a part of our lifestyle.

Working out whether it be 1 time, 2x’s a week, or every time together has not only strengthen our bodies but, also deepen our connection. We are now stronger in mind, body and the bond that we share.

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Vanessa Flores