About Vanessa!

We were not always fit and health focused. When my husband and I first met, I was just getting back into working out. I tried many different types of workouts, would start a routine, get in a groove and then fall off. I got to a point where I went from a size 0 to a size 12-14 in a matter of months. I was unhappy with my job and with my living situation at the time. And for him, living a healthy lifestyle just wasn’t a priority. 

 My husband started a new position, was away for months at a time and had extra time on his hands. I encouraged him to start a workout routine and watch what he ate. He liked the results he was achieving, lost weight, and felt stronger and more energized. When he came back home he continued this path, but he would do his workout, and I would do mine. Every day was the same: I would go to work, work out, come home and get ready for the next day. It was the same old boring routine. I was not enjoying life, I was feeling depressed and isolated. I knew something had to change. 

 So, I tried a new gym and loved it! It took some convincing for my husband to try it out, but he finally joined me and hated it! But, he said he’d keep giving it a try. We both fell in love with the workouts and we enjoyed working out together. We loved talking about our workouts, seeing each other’s progress, and loved pushing and encouraging each other in positive ways. This then led us to wanting to eat healthy. Eating healthy along with working out gave us optimal results. He now says, “The older I get, the better I feel!” Which is so true, I couldn’t agree more! Once we had our daughter we had a new obstacle to face, lack of sleep! We knew we’d be exhausted and that it’d be easy to find any excuse not to work out. But, we didn’t.  With our quick workouts and healthy, simple meals, we stuck together and kept with our healthy lifestyle. My husband and I have been working out together for about 7 years now. We’ve lost 30 lbs. each and have kept it off, despite moving to 2 different states, taking new jobs, and becoming new parents. We now work out at home with our daughter right there with us, and try to be loving role models for her. Now Strong 4 By V is on a mission to help couples gain energy and strength in mind, body and the bond they can share. 

Courtney Miller