Focus on THIS and you’ll see results!

When it comes to exercising, focusing on your form is the most important in order to progress & seeing improvements.

Let’s talk Push Ups
In order to progress to a higher level of a push, up you must master the level right before it with perfect form before moving on. Here are some progressions you can try. Once you are able to complete 20 reps with perfect form, move on to the next level.
Form ✅
Keep the body in a straight line, hips aligned (no down dogs here), as in a plank.

Make sure to keep the core & glutes engaged (tight).

Make sure your shoulders down & back away from your ears.

Keep your elbows in (not flaring out).

Full Range of Motion - chest close to the wall/ground (elbows at 90 degrees) extend the arms to straight at the top.

Progressions- Wall Push Up➡️ Elevated Knee Push Up ➡️ Knee Push Up ➡️Half Push Up ➡️ Full Push Up

Wall Push Up- Set up as if you were doing a plank standing up. Walk your feet in or away from the wall to find your “sweet spot.” The closer you are the to wall the less aggressive it is. A common mistake here is the elbows flaring out. Follow the Form Tips above.

Elevated Knee Push Up- Being elevated takes off pressure and weight on the hands. You can complete this on a bench, a box, a stool, or low chair (make sure it’s against the wall so it doesn’t slide). The lower the surface the more aggressive it is. A common mistake here is the elbows flaring out and lowering the head like a turtle. Follow the Form Tips above.

Knee Push Up- Being on the knees is an assisted push up, again less weight to push up. A common mistake here is your body being in a table top position (We DON’T want that). Keep the hips tucked under. Follow the Form Tips above.

Half Push Up- Start in a plank position, lower your body down (elbow 90 degrees and chest close to the ground) then place the knees on the ground and push up (the most difficult part of a push up is pushing up from the down position). A common mistake here is lowering the head like turtle (keep the neck aligned with the shoulders). Follow the Form Tips above.

Practice your push up 3 x’s a week. First, test which level you can do & how many reps you can do nonstop without losing your form. Once you start losing your form stop (don’t go to failure). Not going to failure means it should be challenging yet still be able to do 1-2 more, NOT to the point where you can’t do one more. So, if you were able to complete 8 reps in a row perfectly, stick with that number until it becomes comfortable to complete without struggling. Next time add 2-3 reps (if you were at 8, now do 10-11 until that becomes comfortable to complete) and repeat until you are able to do 20 in a row with perfect form and move to the next level.

Everyone is at a different level and it may take someone more or less time to get to the regular push, but the key is to stay consistent and be patient. (I know we want to get there NOW, but it doesn’t work that way).

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Vanessa Flores