Think, Eat, Move, Live Strong

l'm a fitness trainer and nutritional coach on a mission to help couples get stronger and healthier together so they can strengthen their bond.

Strong 4 By V works with busy working couples who struggle with feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. She and her husband are parents of a little one, are busy and work as well. They know the struggle far too well. Vanessa knows how to help couples get healthy and energized. With her years of coaching experience at different types of gyms, she has developed quick workouts and simple meals that couples can do as a team. If you’re ready to get healthy, feel energized and experience “doing life” together, then click the discover button above and lets’s chat!

Stronger As A Team

Customized Program

All workouts, and nutrition customized to fit your needs and lifestyle.

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Strong Together

8 Week Program

Learn the tools to live healthy together & never look back! Includes weekly check-in’s with Vanessa.

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1 Week Taste

DIY- What it takes to live a healthy lifestyle

Download materials and implement them.

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