Hey! I’m Vanessa, a fitness and health coach on a mission to help busy moms & dads get STRONG & FIT, so they can feel energized and model an active lifestyle for their kids.


Client Testimonials…


“Being fit and healthy is very important after having my daughter. I’m more toned now that I’ve worked with Vanessa. My clothes fit better, I went down a size, and have more energy. My health is a priority. My favorite part about working with Vanessa is her encouragement and motivation. I absolutely love working with her; she is top notch and makes sure to accommodate all your health needs.” -Brittany, new mom


“I started working with Vanessa because I was unhappy with my appearance and myself. I’ve never felt confident and it was depressing to try on clothes. I had no energy, motivation and would eat anything in sight. I tried working out at home, but felt ridiculous not knowing how to do it. I tried diets, but always gave up. My best friend talked about Vanessa regarding her support, motivation, and how she pushed her to reach her goals. I decided to start working with her too and now I feel great! I have more energy and confidence! She taught me how to make better food choices, provides weekly support and inspiration. Since working with her, I’ve lost 17 pounds, have gone down a pant size and instead of XXL shirts to hide my body, I can now fit into a Medium comfortably. I highly recommend her!” -Trancy, working mom of 3


“I was the biggest I’d ever been, tired, bloated, and uncomfortable with my body. I needed someone to guide me and believe in me. Aside from my weight loss (35 pounds!), now I feel confident about my food choices and more energized. I’m also more conscious of reading food labels. Vanessa truly wants to help you reach your goals and PUSHES you. I'm so glad I found her.” -Maricela, working mom of 2


“I was lethargic, gaining weight, eating poorly, and not focused. Since working with Vanessa, I feel stronger and more energetic, with an overall happier demeanor at work and at home. My cravings have subsided, I’m less bloated, and sleep like a rock! I no longer have to catch my breath after taking the stairs at work. My family has also improved their eating habits; we’re eating out less, which is good for the wallet! I usually get bored easily with workouts, but Vanessa makes working out fun! Her encouragement and firmness is a perfect combo, and keeps you motivated and confident. Vanessa is the real deal. Her kindness, passion, and genuine desire to help people become better versions of themselves is second to none. Her program not only helps you physically, but mentally. No matter what your goal is, Vanessa will be your best chance for success.”
-Bethany, working mom of 2